The mystery package 2

I was heading to the car with my dad and my dog went out of the door. But where did she go  and her name is Maizie. We went to look for her but we did not find her so we put up posters I will round the area.  I was at home when a knock at the door we won’t expecting anything, so I opened the door and there was a box. I shouted she is here and my dad said who is here, I said maizie and he was like whatttttt. So we called mum up and she was so surprise.

The mystery package


I was at home with my dad and a Parcel turned up out side the front door. But we won’t meant to get a package, my dad and I tried to pick It up but it was heavier then I expected . So we opened it and we were so surprised what was in side it  and early that week our dog ran away. Can you guess what is in side it, there was our dog!! We couldn’t believe that someone found our dog. We took her out of the box and she jumped with happiness she licked my face and my dads face.



The yellow bike

The yellow bike



One day I was on a walk with my mum, we saw a yellow bike leaning on a pole. It looked like it was spray panted yellow because the weeles are black ? The bike was zip -tied to the pole and no one was near? So we looked for a number or a clue but there was none. My mum took a photo and printed out posters to put up around the place we went to a bike shop and ask the man if he knew the bike. He said that the bike was from his shop but he had no yellow bikes.