A walk

I was taking my dog for a walk a I keeped passing the colour yellow but then i realise that i was in a street of yellow then i saw a pink car in that street and i wondered why was there a pink car in a yellow street, so i looked at all of the cars are pink. I went to the next street and all of the house’s are pink and the car’s are yellow so i went home and i tolded my mum and dad and they said show me.

5 thoughts on “A walk”

  1. Hello Lydia! Well, that was an interesting walk. I think if I was one of the parents I would not have believed it either. I like how you alternated the two colours; it created even more intrigue.

  2. Hello Lydia,

    What a strange experience you shared. A street of yellow then seeing all cars on the street were pink. In another street of pink, all cars were yellow. This would be very confusing. I can understand why your parents would want to see this strange situation. Keep writing and sharing!

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Dear Lydia,
    What a great idea for using the color “yellow” in your writing. It sure would be strange to see all yellow houses and all pink cars on street and then the reverse on the next block! I am wondering a few things: How far from your house was this? Does your block suddenly have a color scheme as well? Are there any other blocks near your house that have specific color schemes? Why is there a color scheme?

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    Illinois, USA

  4. Hi Lydia,
    This was a creative narrative that you produced, well done! I especially enjoyed the way the colours between the two streets swapped. It is a rare sight to see so many pink and yellow cars at once, and so this must have been an interesting day for your character!

    Keep up the good work, Anna (Team 100WC, Edinburgh)

  5. Hi Lydia,

    I can understand why a pink car would look very out of place in a yellow street! (And a yellow car in a pink street!).

    Which colour street would you prefer to live in?

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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