A trip to a train station

My family and I went on a trip to Sydney to the blue mountains but we have to catch a train, but we went to the wrong station. The train station was not working but there was a candy bar so I looked at the candy and the expiry date was next year so it must have been aright to eat so my family and I took some. Then we realise than we need to go to the right train station when we got there the train that we are catching just arrived so we left to go to the blue Mountain

The Volcano

My family and I were full time travellers But 2020 brought us back to Australia, but on the plane back we saw a volcano I was taking a photo, but we learnt that the volcano was about to explode. The crew on the plane said it was called the explosive volcano, and it only explodes ones every ten years and it was about to explode. Ones the plane went pass the volcano it exploded and luckily there was no houses near by and no one got hurt.when we got home we saw it on the news.

Terrifying statue

I was on a walk around my street and I saw this really terrifying statue it was an old statue that I’ve never seen before so someone must’ve put it there overnight. So I went back home to tell Mum that there was a statue around the corner of the house. So me and mum went to go have a look at the statue but does it she was gone so that was really terrifying so we went to go investigate and found out that it moved so someone must’ve moved it when we were gone three-time back and moved right back where it was but I found it

The Queensland Ballet

My mum and dad and me went on a trip to sydney when we got there we went to our hotel we got the best room in the hotel. My mumu and dad said they had a suprise, they said the dress up nice we got in the car and drove to the Queensland Ballet,i did not expect to go to the Queensland Ballet after the show i said it was PHENOMENAL and then we went out for dinner. We got back to our room and went to bed the next morning we went out for breakfast.

A walk

I was taking my dog for a walk a I keeped passing the colour yellow but then i realise that i was in a street of yellow then i saw a pink car in that street and i wondered why was there a pink car in a yellow street, so i looked at all of the cars are pink. I went to the next street and all of the house’s are pink and the car’s are yellow so i went home and i tolded my mum and dad and they said show me.

The little lost dog.

Yesterday i climed up a tree and saw a cute furry dog. As I climed down the tree i slowly aprocher the dog i relised that the dog was lost. So i looked for a coller a there was no coller and as i went to pick it up it ran behind a vehicle. There was music comming from that vehicle, so i knocked in the window. But there was no one in the vehicle. I took the dog home to tell my mum and dad and they said did it that a coller and i said no. The next day we took it to the vet and they said we could keep it.

My family trip

Yesterday I was driving with my family to a party at my auntie's house and on the way there i saw a big statue of a soldier. I had never seen it before i ask my dad if we went a diffrent was and he ssaid yes the Statue looked very old. There was a sign i could not read it so we pulled over to read it. The statue was all mouldy and the sign jwas really old so you can't read it. So we just left but when we came back around someone was cleaning it.


The mystery building

My family and i was on holiday and we were on a walk then we saw a big brick building it was so tall that that sun was on the top of the building. We thought it was a light house but it wasn’t, it was made out of bricks and there was no way inside. So we decided to have a look, i was running my hand around the bricks and then there was a Secret Button that opened up a door. So we decided to go in to it.

It was pitch black…

It was pitch black and then a flash of light ,then darkness. I was panicking so I ran quickly to the door but it was locked. I ran to the window but that was also locked. I screamed out loudly. I heard footsteps like humans. I knew that it was my parents. I yelled “run” but it was too late. I saw them flying in mid air. I know that I am next. I was crying so much that there was a mini flood. The carpet soaked all the tears up like a sponge.

The rule

On the weekend I was on a boat as i was rowing my oar down the river. As i floating down the river i saw some wrinkled mushrooms. There is some one picking the wrinkled mushrooms up, but the rule is not to puck up anything. That person gave me a wistful glare, i got a bit frighten So I went home. My mum was like why did you come home so early, there was a weird guy in the forest. Then there was a knock at the door so we answered the door and guess who was there.