The little lost dog.

Yesterday i climed up a tree and saw a cute furry dog. As I climed down the tree i slowly aprocher the dog i relised that the dog was lost. So i looked for a coller a there was no coller and as i went to pick it up it ran behind a vehicle. There was music comming from that vehicle, so i knocked in the window. But there was no one in the vehicle. I took the dog home to tell my mum and dad and they said did it that a coller and i said no. The next day we took it to the vet and they said we could keep it.

My family trip

Yesterday I was driving with my family to a party at my auntie's house and on the way there i saw a big statue of a soldier. I had never seen it before i ask my dad if we went a diffrent was and he ssaid yes the Statue looked very old. There was a sign i could not read it so we pulled over to read it. The statue was all mouldy and the sign jwas really old so you can't read it. So we just left but when we came back around someone was cleaning it.